Enjoying Venice
" Hi...

My interest in photography has grown considerably over the last 4-5 years, and has now become my true passion .

As I have travelled the world quite extensively I have had countless opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature and the world around us .The amazing scenery I have come across and photographed throughout my travels has inspired me and I thought " why not share some of those moments with others" ...

The way I see it is this - Nature is the Artist, we just need to capture some of those fleeting moments... You will find wonder not only on a grand scale but also in the minute detail that nature has on offer... The wintry, snowy images showcasing nature's artisitic capabilities are particularly close to my heart...

As well as photographing spectacular images of nature , I also am very interested in capturing abstract impressions of what we see. This has been reflected in my Fireworks series of images which can be interpreted in many ways .

I hope you will enjoy some of the images on my website as much as I did capturing those unique moments in time... " - B.W.

Barbara Wilk has been living and working in Perth, Western Australia for many years although her country of origin is Poland . She studied Physics at Technical University of Wroclaw in Poland and after moving to Australia she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Murdoch University in Perth . Following up on her passion for photography she has recently completed a Diploma in Photography .

Barbara had a solo exhibition in 2010 and has participated in several group exhibitions in Perth, Las Vegas and NYC.
She is an awarded and published photographer and her works belong to private collections in Australia.

1X.com and 500px.com are other photography websites hosting Barbara's images.